What have you concluded it will take for you to have a different future?

Could it be that it requires a lot of time and would not be easy? Or that it would cost a lot of money?

What if you could change your life in 15 minutes, over the phone? Would you choose it?

The Fifteen Minute Coach session is specially designed to assist you uncover your potency, create a different future, and actualise your asks quickly and effortlessly so that all of life can truly come to you joyfully and with total ease!


Hello YOU! Manjunath Mysore, your Fifteen Minute Coach, is a facilitator of consciousness. He is well known for his different view of life, and ease with which he simplifies things. For over eight years, he has been using the tools of Access Consciousness, inviting people to the change they have always known was possible within themselves and with the world around.

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